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Whether you are starting up a new business and in need of professional assistance or you are already established and looking into improving business operations and processes, Al Jawab provides you with the answers to your key business questions.  

IMA Practitioner

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

-- Charles Mingus --


iMA is a new universal language designed to maximize connectivity and reduce stress and tension, by connectivity we mean mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect. As an accredited iMA practitioner, Al Jawab helps companies and employees to replica watches improve their communication and connectivity with others with this simple yet deep method in understanding oneself and effectively connecting with others, at work, home and social life.

iMa has four dialects, high Blue, High Green, High Red and High Yellow, everyone of us speaks one of these four dialects, you can find out which one you are and how to communicate with others by simply answering the iMA questionnaire via the link shown below:


Al Jawab can help companies and employees through iMA to conduct a human resource audit, establish a complete overview of employees, run workshops to replica watches uk improve communication and connectivity, improve team building, increase productivity, reduce turnover, grow profitability and help significantly in customer satisfaction and loyalty.