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Whether you are starting up a new business and in need of professional assistance or you are already established and looking into improving business operations and processes, Al Jawab provides you with the answers to your key business questions.  

Our Clients

Everyone lives by selling something.

-- Robert Louis Belfour Stevenson --


We always appreciate and respect our valuble clients, worked with in the past few years. Following is the list of the projects we have handled :

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Microsolutions Group Revising company structural organization and outlining all the operational processes and procedures
Microsolutions Group Coaching and managing the sales team to achieve the target sale results over a period of six month
Microsolutions Group Creating and conducting a customized Sales Management training program for the sales team
J & F Creating the company sales and marketing strategy including pricing and creating sales channels via existing major retailers
Future Communications Project Manager for starting up a new business concept in addition to their exiting business as one of the main Nokia distributors in Kuwait
Qualitynet Organizing the Customer Care Simulation training program with TargetSim
Commercial Bank of Kuwait Organizing the Banking Simulation training program with TargetSim
Al Ahli Bank Organizing the Banking Simulation training program with TargetSim
OTB Creative Concepts Designing the company structural organization and outlining all the operational processes and procedures
OTB Creative Concepts Working with the company over a period of one and half years on different projects in relation to organizing conferences, outlining major events, creating and conducting high level presentations for various projects …etc.
Makan Creating the full marketing plan for the newly established real estate company
NOSHN Marketing the EDU System to private schools in Kuwait, this is a custom made IT system to manage the schools operation and create the electronic communication between the schools, the student and family
Shamayel Gold Store Creating, writing and designing the company profile
FIT4FUN Organizing and marketing the Fun & Fitness Family Day event
VitHel Recommending and managing the provision of e-marketing solutions to the company to promote their products and services
  iMA is a new universal language designed to maximize connectivity and reduce stress and tension, by connectivity we mean mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect.
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